Gladstonos 22 J&P Residential Development

Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Gladstonos 22 J&P Residential Development
  • Gladstonos 22 J&P Residential Development

The planning challenge presented by this upscale urban housing development was the need to respond to two different system conditions, a landmarked residential street and on the opposite end of the east/west oriented rectangular site, a densely wooded linear river park.

The plan allows for pedestrian access from the street through the site connecting it to passive recreational areas and the linear park.

The siting of the three residential groups part of the master plan respond to the contrasting site conditions posed by the Pedieos riverbed, the modernist residential architecture of Gladstonos Street, and the challenges of the adjoining properties. The total site consists of 7600 square meters which accommodate 34 residential units all served by below grade parking.

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