Neapolis University Masterplan

Pafos, Cyprus
  • Neapolis University Masterplan
  • Neapolis University Masterplan

This comprehensive master plan for a new private university covering 110.000 square meters is part of an area plan for a residential and mixed use new town, Neapolis, to be built adjacent to the historical seaside tourist city of Pafos in western Cyprus. The planning concept has as its functional and iconic focus, a clearly articulated and located complex which includes auditoria, student services and cafeterias, administrative and faculty offices and a library information complex, all focused around one of a series of protected and screened outdoor spaces, characteristic of the master plan.

The concept also took into account the existing citrus groves while providing clearly defined systems for fast and slow moving vehicles, the need for extensive parking, service access and student pedestrian paths.

Extensive indoor and outdoor athletic facilities along with dormitory and classroom quadrangles are incorporated into the phasing of the Neapolis University master plan.

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