Mayor of Nicosia Visits the Kaimakli Community Sport Center

The Mayor of Nicosia Mr. Constantinos Yiorkatzis visited the new Kaimakli Community Sport Center in Nicosia on May 11, 2012 where he met with the Project Architect Theo. David of TDA+KAL, the Project Manager and Structural Engineer Mr. Lysandros Kyriacou of TDA+KAL and the Senior Architect Mr. Yiannis Kythreotis of TDA+KAL, the Nicosia Municipality Engineer Mrs. Agni Petridou, Architect, the Project Coordinator & Engineer on behalf of the Nicosia Municipality Mr. Dinos Logides, and the Contractors Engineers.

Construction of the athletic facilities, seating for 1050 spectators, as well as the wing-shaped steel canopy of the Sport Center are scheduled to be completed in June 2012. The total construction cost is EUR 2.500.000,00.

The new Sport Center includes the following facilities:

  • Soccer field 105m x 68m.
  • Changing rooms for two teams and referees.
  • First Aid room.
  • Gym.
  • Antidoping control room.
  • Multipurpose community hall.
  • Seating tiers for 1050 spectators.
  • Small media room.
  • Spectator facilities including WC’s and food kiosk.
  • Mechanical plant room and storage.
  • Electricity substation and irrigation water tanks.
  • Illumination level of soccer field 300 Lux with 4No. pylon masts of 25m height each with a total of 40 flood lights.
  • Steel Canopy of 600m2 above the spectators, supported on two pylons.